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*Click on pictures for bigger version … A few creatures from the natural metropolis. There hasn’t been many bugs appearing hereabouts lately, maybe the council have been spraying secretly. However, when I look and quietly interrogate the scene presenting everything comes into focus, enough. © Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer […]

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So This Is Canada: 12 Unguarded Observations of a Returning Canadian

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Breaking Moulds

Reverse culture shock is an interesting beast. It’s been six weeks that I’ve been back in Canada after living in Japan for four years, and I am in a weird headspace. People ask how the adjustment is going; it is certainly bewildering. I feel that I have not actually adjusted a single bit, but that I have simply been plucked mid-step from one life, one world, and shoved straight into another.

I've always felt a certain affinity with the little green men. I’ve always felt a certain affinity with the little green men.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed about this strange land since arriving/returning. I realize that some of these points might touch on sensitive subjects, so please take them for what they are: not criticisms or statements made to be inflammatory or offensive, but raw observations and unguarded thoughts of a person seeing their home country with fresh eyes.

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When All Around Has Fallen

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Breaking Moulds


Everything burned down. It happened so quickly. I just barely escaped with my life.

That’s how it feels. After nearly a month away, I’ve returned with a brave face and a broken heart to the place where my world fell apart. After few frantic days of sorting, repacking, moving and unpacking my significantly pared down possessions, I collapse with exhaustion on my bed in my temporary new home, gaze at the fire escape outside my window, and marvel at what I have just survived.

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